Why designers must not stay silent, with Harrison Wheeler

Harrison Wheeler is a UX Design Manager at LinkedIn based in Silicon Valley with roots in the Midwest.

For the last 15 years, his diverse career has taken him from freelancing right after college and later scaling a startup to working at one of the largest social media platforms in the world. He's also the person behind Technically Speaking, a podcast that explores the ins and outs of User Experience Design.

Here, you'll enjoy a fascinating insight into Harrison's experiences so far – where he grew up, how he got into technology and design, why he started out as an entrepreneur. We also look at how social media has changed over the last decade and consider where it's heading next. (Who knew Rick Astley would get a mention!)

We chat about the events of 2020, how it's changed how we work, transformed our perspective and why there's much hope for the future. There's even a moving story about how an Apple Watch saved Harrison's life.

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