The secret's out as Eye on Design launches 'Gossip', its third print magazine

For more than three years, Eye on Design has been an online destination for readers who want to take a deeper look at the issues, trends, and ideas coming out of the design community. Now, with Eye on Design’s print magazine, it has a tangible new forum for exploring thoughtful stories about design and mental health, sexuality, education, gender disparity, and much more.

In addition to the daily site, the global, all-women team behind Eye on Design magazine publishes three issues a year, each centred around a different theme. The most recent 'Gossip' issue dedicates 160 pages to stories that explore how gossip functions as a form of communication, and how design shapes the way people communicate – truthfully, salaciously, and otherwise.

Of course, no self-respecting gossip magazine is complete without a little gossip of its own, so every issue of Eye on Design comes with a special mini-mag, Spotted, its spin on a dishy tabloid – packed with paparazzi shots, party pages, a peek inside designers’ totes, a very special recipe from Milton Glaser, and other juicy bits.

We especially love the story on the most famous designer feuds in history, and how one came to fisticuffs refereed by Michael Bierut. Or one designer’s shocking brush with the Pizzagate scandal. There's even an article on how suburban housewife gossip fuelled the meteoric rise of kitchen mega-brand Tupperware.

Grab yourself a copy of Eye on Design's print magazine. Hurry! There aren't many copies left. Or visit for more daily inspiration.


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