New North Press typographically explores 'untruth' with new letterpress publication

Forme is a new letterpress publication, typographically exploring science’s explanations of the world around us by committing ink to paper. Created by Richard Ardagh at New North Press, an artisan letterpress print and design studio in East London. He asked the question, "At what age do we stop being inquisitive? As adults, we often forget to question what’s right under our noses."

"Untruth" is the subject of the first issue which looks at how we navigate a world riddled with misinformation and fake news. A commissioned feature from cognitive neuroscientist Neil Garrett reveals how our brains react to messages we suspect to be false and what motivates us to investigate them further, even when we know we’re being lied to. This is accompanied by examples of sensational newspaper headlines (Freddie Starr Ate my Hamster), absurd clickbait (No Garys Left in Britain by 2050), tenuous urban myths (You’re Never More Than Six Feet Away From a Rat) and ambiguous fortune cookie messages (Be Prepared to Accept an Exciting Opportunity) with accompanying captions that expose their inaccuracies.

The pamphlet, which can also be displayed as a poster when unfolded, has been printed from hand-set and hot-metal type. Printed letterpress, 'Forme' refers to the locked-up arrangement of type inside a chase for printing. More at


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