Hundreds of colourful café chairs create a huge roller coaster in a French town square

Artist Baptiste Debombourg has transformed a French town square into a colour scene that you'd expect to find at your local amusement park, except on this occasion the roller coaster is made entirely from more than a thousand colourful café chairs.

Entitled Stellar, the temporary installation is located at the Place du Bouffay in Nantes and took almost a year to complete. Although the sculpture is static, the clever use of colour and the insanely intricate loops gives the impression of movement, to mimic the fast-paced excitement you'd expect when riding a roller coaster of this kind.

Apparently, Debombourg drew inspiration from an artwork that Robert Delaunay made for the Palais de l’Air during the Paris World’s Fair in 1937. If you want to go and see this installation, alas – it's no longer. Instead, you can enjoy the pictures below to get a good idea of how the sculpture took over an entire public space.

Via Junk Culture | All images courtesy of Baptiste Debombourg


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