Accumulate launches first event to connect homeless people with creative industries

London-based youth homelessness charity Accumulate has announced that it will be launching the first event to build employment pathways between people experiencing homelessness and the creative industries this July.

Titled Creative Futures, the two-day event will take place on 20 and 27 July 2022 in Shoreditch and is made possible by Adobe. It aims to help people experiencing homelessness network with people in the creative industry and provide them with opportunities and knowledge that they can use to progress their careers in the future.

This assistance includes presentation and interview skills workshops, as well as insight into how to use social media to build a creative profile. Meanwhile, a speed networking event will connect attendees with creative industry professionals. It is hoped that this will lead to offers of work opportunities in creative businesses, on top of work placements, job shadowing, workshops and apprenticeships.

"The outcome of Creative Futures will provide participants with confidence and self-belief, to talk about themselves to prospective creative industry employers, but also tangible work opportunities in the creative industries, including the design, illustration, publishing, architecture and podcasting sectors," says Accumulate in a statement.

"Creative Futures will break down the barriers that exist for this group to enter the sector, build networks and have access to opportunities. It is a real game-changer that is completely new, will be led by industry and will overturn the systemic challenges that exist."

Connecting people experiencing homelessness with creative opportunities is a timely aim. According to Accumulate, many of the UK's creative industries want to recruit those from disadvantaged backgrounds but often struggle to engage and reach such 'hard to reach' groups. But by giving employers access to a broader talent pool, Creative Futures will not only give a leg up to those in need but will also help organisations with their business goals.

Accumulate adds: "It really is a win-win situation for both the Creative Futures participants and the creative industry employers, where both will gain and develop through involvement with this groundbreaking and innovative initiative.

"Accumulate is already in discussions with creative industry professionals who want to be involved and contribute to Creative Futures. We look forward to more creative businesses coming on board with Creative Futures and making a real difference to diversity and opportunities in their workforce."


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