The eccentric home studio of Mr. Walters of, Illinois

Today we're taking a peek at the studio of Illinois-based artist, Mr Walters of In Mr Walters' own words: "One of the reasons my wife and I bought our home was for the large finished basement that seemed ideal to use as a workspace. Over the years, not only have we come to spend a lot of time down in the basement, but we have come to realise how we really use the space. We have performed a couple of refurbishments since moving in, to not only make it a better space to work in, but also a more comfortable space to be in.

"The most recent refurbishment a few years back established spaces for working on artistic projects, an entertainment area for loafing off, an office space I use for my design projects, a small library and archive. A big part of doing all this was installing and maximising our storage in the space.

"Aside from my personal artistic projects, which involve drawing, painting, and the odd bit of sculpture, I also do a bit of graphic design and illustration for clients, so the space needs to be flexible. I am often working on several projects at the same time, so it is good to have things set up so that projects aren’t bumping into each other.

"Another favourite aspect of the studio is that it is a natural home for our many collections. More than mere decorations, the objects serve as a constant source of inspiration and reference for my work. It is only natural to keep them around in the workspace, but it has sometimes been a challenge to figure out how best to have them displayed without getting in the way of working.

"It took a while a while to find the right balance, but I think we’ve found a good balance between fun, inspiration and functionality. It is a real pleasure to work in this space and I think it shows in my work these days."


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