The wonderfully chaotic studio of Mark Scott-Wood, London

Today we're taking a peek at the studio of South London based artist, Mark Scott-Wood. In Mark's own words: "In the days before my studio, I would use my bedroom as a make-shift creative space. It was chaos. Now I rent studio space and have expanded on the chaos. My new cold, mouldy old hole, in a South London warehouse, allows me the space to build more ambitious work and create a bigger mess. It is not without its charms. Floods are common, as is the novel experience of worms falling from the ceiling. The studio is plagued with woodlice.

"These, however, are all tolerable compared to the cold. It somehow always manages to be unbearably cold, no matter what the season. I have learned to adapt. The studio is full of stuff, from floor to ceiling. It's like a gigantic landfill of creative bits and pieces. My work has always involved found objects and hoarding is like a second language to me. I have boxes of everything from plastic packaging to socks and gloves. The objects I make are as eclectic as the ones I collect. They find their way into paintings, sculptures, installations and performances."


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