Loc8me in Loughborough looks like a scene out of Running Man, in a good way

Check out the studio of Loc8me, a flagship lettings office in the bustling town of Loughborough. Its founder Raffaelle Russo - student turned entrepreneur - hired interior design firm Heterachy to give life to his vision for the student accommodation agency of the future. The brief was simple.

The space had to be as unique as Loc8me's approach to running a business, which includes everything from sponsoring student parties to widespread use of social media. It had to be on a low budget but with high impact - which luckily suited the raw character of the space that was previously used as a used car showroom.

In Loc8me's own words:

"We wanted this to be everything your stereotypical letting agency is not. Our students aren’t just getting a tenancy agreement; from the moment they walk through the door to the day they hand back their keys (and beyond) they become part of the Loc8me community, part of our brand.

"This alternative approach is evidenced by the fact that there isn't a single photograph of a property to be seen, replaced instead by table football and old-school Nintendo Gameboys.

In Tony Matters, director of Heterarchy's own words:

"Our brief was to create a space that was engaging and reflected the Loc8me ethos. Raff had about a thousand ideas of what he wanted to do; part of our role was to edit and curate, to stitch it all together into a coherent interior scheme.

"The end result is bold, characterful and doesn't take itself too seriously. Shipping container storage and recycled desks combine with bare concrete and painted brick to create a space that's as striking as it is durable.

"A particular success is the combination of tone, colour and light; three shades of grey, from light at the front to almost black at the rear, darkens the space as you move through it. In contrast, the private office's to the rear, painted bright white, to take on an almost other-worldly feel, whilst moments of vivid orange provide warmth and visual impact."

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Loc8me


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