The studio of Kareena Zerefos, London

Today we're taking a peek at the studio of Kareena Zerefos, an artist/illustrator/designer who moved into the Papered Parlous Studios earlier this year after relocating to London. We hope you'll agree, Kareena's workspace is very inspirational. In Kareena's own words: "Having spent the previous year working from my own lonely little studio in Sydney, I wanted to find a space that I could work along side other generally creative folk - mostly to stop me from completely losing my mind!

"With my own desk space showered with natural light from the skylights above, and set within an inspiring creative hub of illustrators, designers and photographers, I found my ideal workspace here. We have intricately decorated communal spaces and expansive workshop benches, which are great when my drawing board just isn't big enough (or when you want to have a chat with fellow studio artists over tea and cake).

"I like to keep the little trinkets of nostalgia or curiosities that I've hoarded along the way close by (as my work is often influenced by my surroundings), and I found a very handy little set of drawers, which I've labelled accordingly to satisfy my perfectionist Virgo tendencies, storing my preferred tools of the trade, especially dangerously sharp 2B pencils, Copic markers, ink and gouache.

"With these materials, along with a yearning to escape to a world of make believe, I aim to create whimsical illustrative work with a sense of isolation and bittersweet nostalgia."

Photography by Natalie McComas.


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