An inspiring home workspace for Julie De Gruchy East, Gloucestershire

Today we're having a nose at the studio of Julie De Gruchy East, a doll maker from Gloucestershire who spends most of her time creating bespoke anthropomorphic dolls. Her work is inspired by incidents she has experienced upon little journeys. People she has met or seen. Julie has a thing about Northern Lights, odd characters, and icebergs. Her studio is inside a quirky little bakehouse cottage in the middle of the countryside.

In Julie's own words: "My workspace is based in a quirky bakehouse cottage amongst the beautiful green rolling hills of Gloucestershire. My work area is certainly 'petite' and I have a lot and I mean a lot of stuff... I guess I am a bit of a hoarder but for a good reason. I love my little space as it has everything I need within arms reach and that is important when I work. I wanted to create a working environment that I would be happy, content and inspired to work in. The best thing I would probably say about my area is being amongst my favourite things. The not so good... I make a super mess whilst I work and I have to often tidy up after myself.... as somehow threads and small swatches of fabric makes it way to the other side of the house!

"We hope to move soon and I will for sure miss my space as I know where everything at hand is... but it's time for a bigger place..... as my work, my stock, resources and family are growing. Thank you space. I enjoyed you."


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