YoYo Lander's new paintings explore what it means to be black and strong in vulnerable positions

Los Angeles artist YoYo Lander loves to explore unique colour palettes, bold contrasts and womanhood in her work. Her subjects are an arrangement of various brown hues, placed on backgrounds of both subtle and loud colour blocks.

All images courtesy of the artist

All images courtesy of the artist

YoYo creates her interpretations using personal photographs and stories from indigenous women as her inspiration. "My figurative artwork sparks a conversation with my audience regarding joy, identity, sisterhood and community," YoYo tells Creative Boom.

Her latest series, Time Off, is a collection of eight large pieces made from watercolour paper and wood panel. The series explores black people who are perceived to be strong in vulnerable positions.

"Vulnerability is the essence of fear, shame and our struggle for worthiness. Yet it is also the birthplace of creativity, joy, love and belonging. To be vulnerable means to open yourself up completely, to stand in your nakedness and to lean into every imperfection. It is not easy, but necessary to elevate, grow, love, and evolve," says YoYo.

"But when do we get to be vulnerable? When do we get to ponder how we want to live our lives? When do we get to think about what matters most to us? When do we get to explore the heart of it all? Is it at night before bed when we are fully unmasked? Is it in our alone time?"

Discover more of YoYo Lander's work at www.yoyolander.com.


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