Inquisitive Creatures: Photographs that tell the story of four friends on a quest to invent time travel

Photography, Lighting, Retouching, Prop Maker, Prop Stylist, Stylist, Set Builder, Special FX, Writing: William Castellana. Character Design, Stylist, Set Builder: Linda Montanez

Photographer William Castellana and character designer Linda Montanez have created a stunning photo book that tells the story of four furry friends living in an abandoned workshop on a quest to invent time travel.

The characters in Inquisitive Creatures were crafted and brought to life through the pair's complementary skills of photography, set-building, lighting, writing, character design, prop-making and special effects. And the result is incredible. Every tiny detail is considered from the labels on jars to bookshelves and their contents – it's something we've come to expect from Linda who enjoys experimenting with new materials in her New Jersey workshop.

"As they set out to build a time machine, they discover that teamwork, persistence and above all friendship are the ingredients that make their dream come true," William tells Creative Boom.

"Sprinkled throughout the story are gentle references to some of the greatest scientists of all time including Einstein, da Vinci, Newton, Tesla and Galileo. Through knowledge left behind by these scientific pioneers, and with the guidance of their Professor at the Academy of Science, the child prodigies successfully develop the technology needed to fly into an alternate universe by way of a secret tunnel," William adds.

If you want to see how Winston, Alfred, Harvey and Dempsey invent time travel, you can find out more at