Yasmina: Photographer explores the changing roles of women in society

Women have been given many different labels throughout history – not all of them positive. LA-based photographer Fayrouz Ftouni explores this through her latest photographic series, Yasmina.

She explains: "The role of women in society has been subjected to different theologies and cultures across time, mostly characterised by marginalisation.

"In my series, Yasmina, I travel back in time to my Grandmother’s era to explore the strength and spirit of Lebanese women of the time.

"I created the character of Yasmina as a symbol of the expectations set for women - endurance, anguish, and strength. In this era, women were confined to the home, to cooking and cleaning, to helping and nurturing.

"But where was the space for their ideas? Their desires? Their thoughts? Yasmina is set at the precipice of a new world, a time of awakening, where women like her learn how to make space for their own self-discovery."

Discover more at fayrouzftouni.com.

All images courtesy of Fayrouz Ftouni


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