Quiet Little Voices: Melancholy creatures that represent the voices in our head

Street artist My Dog Sighs is set to launch his most ambitious project to date this weekend, transforming a derelict ballroom in Portsmouth into an immersive world inhabited by his own sad creatures, dubbed 'Quiet Little Voices', which reflect his inner voice.

Entitled Inside, the unique exhibition, on show from 16 July until 1 August, features My Dog Sighs' first foray into sculpture where he has transferred his renowned drawn creatures and doodles into 3D pieces, dotted around the multi-storey space on Osborne Road.

Finding shelter amongst the dimly lit ruins and creating their own visual language throughout the building, the sculptures are accompanied by sound installations which have been brought to life by sound experts from Portsmouth University. It's set to be an immersive experience and one typical of My Dog Sighs' practice, as he seeks to uncover the beauty of forgotten spaces as well as uplift local communities.

"Like any of us, these creatures are not perfect nor do they lead perfect lives," says the artist. "They struggle, they make mistakes, they fail. But like us too, they don't give up. Even among the decay they use their creativity to find hope." It's a powerful message in these turbulent times.

Visitors will be welcomed into the space by trained stewards who can provide insight into the themes explored in Inside. My Dog Sighs will also be leading specialist tours for artists during the exhibition to talk more about his life as a street artist working on both sanctioned and unsanctioned projects.

Alongside the installation, the artist will be releasing a feature-length documentary and book about the project, as well as an educational pack designed to be used by teachers and students around the world. Taking inspiration from Inside, the pack provides young people with the creative tools needed to find hope in difficult situations and shows how they can use art to empower their local communities.

Tickets are available at My Dog Sighs' website at www.mydogsighs.co.uk.


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