Soon Come is a love letter to London as restrictions lift

As we wait in anticipation for 19 July here in the UK (whether joyously or fearfully), a new short film by London production company Outright reminds us just how desolate England's capital became during the height of the pandemic and offers hope that things will get better.

Entitled Soon Come, the film features skateboarder Ezra Bruno moving around an empty London, narrating and reminiscing poetically about what life was like before Covid-19 whilst remembering how far we've come.

"It was filmed in one day across London during April lockdown," says Rich Armitage of Outright. "We travelled across the city to some of the most iconic spots to show the effect the pandemic has had on our capital. Some of the areas we shot in can be extremely busy in normal circumstances, so to see them this empty is mind blowing."

Armitage admits that it was hard finding motivation during lockdown, particularly as the pandemic impacted the creative industries so much. It was why he and his team decided to make this new film. "Rather than letting it bring us down we took the opportunity to get out and make something," he says. "We really wanted to create something that reflects these incredible times, something that we can look back on in the future to remind us of what we have all been through, and how far we have come."

The story of Soon Come is told through a poem. "It describes all the things we love, what we miss and what we hope for once things open up again. We used a skateboarder as a visual vehicle to show the state of the city, London has never looked anything like this, and probably never will again, we had to document it."

It follows Outright's short film earlier this year, Balance, that reminds us to find calm during anxious times. Discover more of Outright's work at


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