Vibrant, illustrated calendar by Pilar Torcal celebrates every month of the year

Pilar Torcal is a multidisciplinary graphic designer and illustrator from Barcelona, who once dreamt of being a gymnast and an archaeologist. Luckily for us, she turned her attentions to advertising and PR, before realising that colours and typography were her true passions.

Photography by Marzia Gamba

Photography by Marzia Gamba

After re-locating to Brooklyn in 2013, Torcal worked at mgmt. design, and then for Huge. In addition to her day job, the artist consistently works on personal projects, including this rather lovely illustrated calendar.

A "vibrant colour palette, geometry and spontaneity" are the main ingredients used in each piece, and new for 2018, she decided to expand the limits of her project and translate it into print. The result is this bright and cheery calendar, providing a positive outlook all year round.

All the illustrations featured share common elements and characters to connect the months and create an overall story throughout the year. Discover more at


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