Vanessa Smith's intense paintings of empty rooms that look out onto photographed wastelands

Vanessa Smith's mysterious paintings of interiors, whether it be a deserted cafe or dimly-lit living room, are imbued with an eerie tension. Devoid of people, there are suggestions of life – a smoking cigarette, perhaps, or glowing light – all hint at a fractured narrative.

The window view monochrome landscapes draw your eye and increase the sense of isolation, their bleak subjects – burning cars, industrial wasteland, deserted roads – are evocative of an aftermath as seen in science fiction movies or crime scenes.

Although there is undoubtedly a sense of the macabre in Smith's work, she has a congenial relationship with this aspect; she finds a beauty in the stillness and silence... even if her depicted world has just ended. Represented by TAG Fine Arts, Smith will be one of the artists featured in the Moniker art fair, which takes place in London's Brick Lane this October.

All images courtesy of Moniker and the artist


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