Uncommon demonstrates how light Allbirds trainers really are with no-thrills campaign

Uncommon is behind this no-thrills campaign for Allbirds, which combines design and science to demonstrate just how light the New Zealand sustainable footwear brand's trainers really are.

Shot with no tricks or gimmicks and directed by Chris Cairns through Partizan, the production process involved building a custom-made installation to make the shoes float in mid-air.

As the trainers float, the camera slowly pulls back to reveal an installation – the trainers are, in fact, on a platform connected to four cords actually attached to four balloons being held aloft by some leaf blowers. A balloon pops and the Allbirds 'Wool Runners' fall into a (recycled) box. The accompanying copy reads: 'Give Light. Tread Lighter', making a nod to the low carbon footprint linked with making a pair of Allbirds (just 7.6 KG).

"This campaign was about the challenge of showing how light our shoes weigh while balancing being light on the planet," said Allbirds' Head of Creative, Alex Valdman. "The challenge with this was how do you tell two stories in a simple and elegant way. The result is an irreverent spot that begs all of us to tread a little lighter during the holidays."

The San Francisco-based footwear, and now apparel, company with New Zealand origins launched in March 2016 with a vertical retailing model and quickly gained a reputation for quality and comfort of the shoes – as well as being commended for its commitment to environmental sustainability.

The new campaign, launching this week ahead of the festive season, will run across global markets including the US, UK, Korea, Germany and France. The work will feature across media such as TV, online and social.


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