Snask's strong identity for female-led Umbrella that shouts 'We've got you covered!'

Snask has created a new identity for consultant broker firm, Umbrella, which promises to be a "magical cocktail of no bullshit, personal growth and great fun".

Spearheaded by Madeleine Harju and Sanaz Bakhtiari, it's definitely not your average type of consultancy and so quite rightly deserved a daring new look, one that stands out and celebrates its whole ethos.

"We started out by looking at the vision of the brand by choosing a strong and beautiful colour scheme using pale pink and candy red along with off-white," explains Snask. "We also chose a bold and strong display typeface to communicate strong messages and tag lines."

With statements like, “When we shine we shine together” and “Come play with us” the step to take the identity out into reality wasn’t far, but Snask also decided to do some 3D animations to further elevate the brand. We personally love the company slogan, "We've got you covered!"

You can discover more about the project at

Photography: Per Björklund

Photography: Per Björklund


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