Amsterdam studio TIN launches Timedash, an app that nods to 1970s analogue-digital watches

Amsterdam design studio TIN has brought to life a passionate side project, inspired by 1970s analogue-digital watches, by launching Timedash – an app that combines your "most vital" daily information all on one screen.

Featuring the time, date, weather and daily step counter, the iOS 14 app is based on the so-called Ana Digi watches of that era, when the famous gadget was at the forefront of the LCD revolution in Japan. "By combining the looks of the back-to-the-future DMC DeLorean and making use of the newest LCD technological advancements, Ana Digi remains a cult classic until this day," says Vincent Meertens, founder of TIN. "Back in the '70s, the Ana Digi set the bar for all digital (Casio et al) watches to come."

So what else does this simple widget do? You can choose from up to 30 different function and colour combinations, ranging from expressive and vibrant to sleek and clean minimalist designs.

"Similar to the 1970s Ana Digi cult classic, our objective was to combine useful information in both a very clear yet still visually enticing way," adds Vincent. "While there are almost two million apps in the App Store, there isn't an app that combines these kinds of information in a single widget in an easy to access way on your home screen."


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