The Tomato Stall updates its identity to sunshine-toting Isle of Wight Tomatoes

Despite the tomato shortage in the UK earlier in the year, the Isle of Wight is fast becoming an ideal destination for tomato cultivation and production, which is why the fruit growers formerly known as The Tomato Stall has rebranded to Isle of Wight Tomatoes – to emphasise this fact.

B&B Studio was brought in to oversee the process, which involved creating a new brand positioning, identity and packaging design.

The redesign focused on elevating the perfect tomato-growing conditions found on the Isle of Wight. Boasting more sunshine per hour than anywhere else in the UK and a uniquely-rich soil suitable for tomatoes to flourish, the B&B team decided to incorporate these details into the brand's namesake rather than simply add its previously used, 'Grown in the Isle of Wight' stamp to the packaging. The claim itself has become an increasingly-key signifier of quality for tomatoes. And this has also been embedded into the Isle of Wight Tomatoes' new brand promise – More Sunshine, More Flavour.

To emphasise the amount of sunshine found in the Isle of Wight, the new brand identity is yellow, borrowing inspiration from the sun and highlighting the range of colours that tomatoes can be, rather than relying on the typical green and red shades traditionally associated with the fruit. Also featuring a star to suggest the tomato calyx, the new design is more simple and impactful, which is why the new colour palette has been rolled out across all packaging, including the brand's tomato-based condiments and sauces.

"Working with the amazing team at Isle of Wight Tomatoes has been a real eye-opener," says B&B Associate Creative Director Jennie Potts. "The new identity helps capture the genuine passion, purpose and perfectionism that goes into growing this exceptional product. We're proud of the new visual identity and the bold approach it takes within the produce category."

The brand's new messaging also shares Isle of Wight Tomatoes' sustainable growing expertise, prioritising stories from the farm such as its 'No waste' philosophy and how growers work with natural predators. The decision to use a light, playful tone of voice and naturally light photographs complemented the brand's sunny disposition.

Managing Director of Isle of Wight Tomatoes Paul Thomas, adds: "Elevating our brand from the 'Fresh tomato offer' available in any supermarket was key to this brief, and B&B enabled us to communicate our difference directly to consumers. We love how joyful the new brand feels after a tough few years in farming. It has helped us focus on embracing positivity in future."

Isle of Wight Tomatoes are available across UK supermarkets, delis, farm shops and restaurants or directly at


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