The Perros: Cabeza Patata's latest project imagines a world with cool, dressed-up dogs

Keeping themselves busy during isolation in Barcelona, Katie Menzies and Abel Reverter of Cabeza Patata have created a new series of illustrations to lift our spirits.

Called The Perros, the 3D artworks explore the studio founders' shared passions: fashion, photography and dogs. Each illustration features a character based on a different breed of dog with a unique style and personality. "The main challenge in creating these characters was to arrive at a point between realistic and graphical animals," Katie tells Creative Boom.

"As the realistic dogs take a human-like form we need to soften and adapt some features such as their hands, body shapes and faces. We imagine that if dogs were to take on human characteristics they would be cool and street, taking up space and being self-assured in their role."

Each dog is dressed in fashionable streetwear clothing to "match their confident, no-nonsense poses," she adds. "Fashion choices are recognisably current, as is the photography style we chose. After creating the digital clothing, we used accessories to further add a unique personality to each character."

"We defined the look and feel, including variation in colour palette and dog breeds, early in the sketching phase to ensure a balanced range in the series. When working in 3D it’s important to define the composition and have clear, strong poses in sketch form before starting to model the shapes of the characters."


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