The Partners creates thought-provoking, dynamic designs for creative arts charity Dramatic Need

Branding agency The Partners faced something of an interesting and tough challenge in creating designs for arts charity Dramatic Need for this year’s fundraising and awareness event, The Children's Monologues.

"The event brings to light first hand experiences of death, violence but also rare and short lived moments of happiness based on the words of children growing up in rural and remote African townships," the agency explains. So how do you visually represent such a vast spectrum of emotions and experiences, while demonstrating the performative element of the charity?

In designing posters, event graphics, programmes and other printed materials, The Partners created hand-drawn typographic illustrations from the complete text of each monologue, "referencing the dramatic telling of the stories on stage, and how the event rings a unique focus and emotional power to children who would otherwise have no voice," the agency explains.

"The work emphasises the theme of the show, seeking to visualise not only the trauma seen by the children, but also the impact they have on their surroundings as and interconnection with the stories in each monologue that follow the child as an enormous weight they must bear day-to-day." Among those performing monologues were Jessica Chastain, Trevor Noah, Audra McDonald, James McAvoy, Anne Hathaway, Common and many others.


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