The Gingerbread Loft in Manhattan will help the homeless this Christmas

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the artist

This is the Gingerbread Loft. A one of a kind apartment, for sale only this Christmas.

Created by Antwerp creative agency Friendship, as part of a clever initiative to raise money for a homeless charity, the apartment is located in Manhattan and has three bedrooms, two bathrooms with bath and shower, a spacious living area and a home office with a nice view.

Founders Bart and Phil said: "You are probably reading this from a cosy warm place, like your home. Remember that thousands of people do not have a cosy warm home. They are living in the streets, in your neighbourhood. That is why the profit of the Gingerbread Loft will be donated to a charity for the homeless, in your neighbourhood."

Interested? Mail your bid to [email protected]. What do you buy? The building equipment and materials to build your very own Gingerbread Loft, or just eat it all and fall asleep on your couch.