The changing face of Manchester: Documenting what's left behind

In the three or fours years I've lived in Manchester, I've been astounded at the pace of growth and change happening all around the city. This is certainly a metropolis on the rise. But as things transform for the better, one local resident – film photographer Josef Szotten – is documenting the decay and emptiness that is sometimes left behind with a series of beautiful black and white photography.

Originally from Sweden but based in Manchester, Szotten explains: "The landmark that was once the BBC building on Oxford road is mercilessly demolished only to leave behind what is now an empty parking lot. Buildings are either torn down or left vacant while their replacements shoot up somewhere completely different. Huge areas that were once the centre of industry like Ancoats are left to decay and gorgeous old textile factories are left empty. It’s a sort of decrepit still beautiful ghost scenery - a side of Manchester that you don’t normally see."

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