Tantric images from India play some inspiration behind Sue Williams A’Court's Lumen

Sue Williams A’Court paints from a large, light-filled studio converted from the top floor of her home in north London.

Originally an illustrator - renowned for her work throughout the globe - Sue has since developed her painting practice and exhibits regularly in London with paintings in public and private collections across Europe. Her work is currently showing at the Royal Academy Summer exhibition and has been selected for the Jerwood Drawing prize. Her next show is 'Lumen', curated by Bo.Lee projects.

She said: "Essence of emotion conveyed through visual pleasure is central to my work. For me, beauty has a curative effect. One of my intentions is to invite the eye to dwell with pleasure on the harmonious combination of form colour and texture; unrestricted by exact representation and language. I want to encourage contemplation in a soothing and spiritual place of unlimited possibilities.

"My latest work was developed from 64 experimental collages made inspired by seeing some rare Tantric images created by anonymous modern painters in India, intended to further the practice of meditation. I started to look at historical images representing the sublime and to contemplate the nature of 'desire and longing'.

"With the work I invite the viewer into a liminal space; presenting the sublime landscape as an idea or a certain state of mind rather than a specific location; a place of transition in-between thoughts - impossible to find and at the same time unavoidable."


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