Snapshots from the Garden of Eden: Photographic tableaux inspired by the tradition of storytelling

Storytelling has been an important part of our lives for generations. From cavemen swapping their hunting tales around a fire to our Facebook posts today – humans have a need to 'share'.

In her latest photographic series, Snapshots from the Garden of Eden, Dina Goldstein was inspired by transformation, metamorphosis, good and evil, political metaphors, and storytelling in contemporary art.

The photographic tableaux created as part of the series will be exhibited in an upcoming exhibition, Jewish Folktales Retold: The Artist as Maggid, at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, starting 28 September 2017.

The exhibition presents newly commissioned works by sixteen contemporary artists – including Dina – in response to a selection of tales from Jewish folklore. Acting as modern maggids – storytellers, transmitters of knowledge, secrets revealers – they explore the many facets of these stories’ characters, themes, and metaphors.

All images courtesy of Dina Goldstein


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