Slanted #30 - Athens: Celebrating art and design in the Greek capital

In spring 2017, the editors of Germany-based Slanted Publishers embarked on a trip to Athens to take a closer look at the contemporary design scene. Coinciding with the visit was the Documenta – a public celebration of local art.

"Athens, in parallel to Kassel, offered the perfect canvas: differences between rich and poor, between Germany and Greece, but also between different cultures in Europe, facing crisis, boundaries and displacement. All the designers Slanted met talked very positively about the event, bringing back art and life to Athens, suffering from draconian cuts in culture budgets."

While there, the list of designers Slanted met with boasts everyone from the legendary Michalis Katzourakis, to "young, wild creatives" who have exciting voices in their own right. Well-known figures from Athen’s contemporary design scene such as Bend, The Birthdays Design, Blaqk, Bob Studio, Dylsectic, G Design Studio, Irini Gonou, Luminous Design Group, MAMA Silkscreen, MNP, Parachute, StudioJugi, Typical Organization, Urban Calligraphy and Ifigenia Vasiliou allowed an exclusive glimpse into their world.

The team's findings have been documented in a beautiful publication. Discover more at


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