Sexually charged oil paintings that glimpse into classic Americana realism

All images courtesy of Nigel Van Wieck

All images courtesy of Nigel Van Wieck

British figurative painter and NYC-based Nigel Van Wieck has spent the past two decades gaining respect and recognition for his artworks that celebrate American realism in all its glory.

With small-format oil paintings in sumptuous colours, he shows us glimpses of classic Americana, including everything from baseball parks and skateboarders to nude sunbathers capturing a little sunshine in the heart of the city.

There's a hint of inspiration from the likes of Edward Hopper, but certainly none of the oppressive sadness that one expects from his paintings. Instead, Van Wieck's works are more of a positive celebration of American life; some including an underlying sprinkling of supercharged sexuality.

What's especially fascinating is that Van Wieck is British-born, so it's interesting that he's taken such a fascination with American realist artists, many of whom he apparently met after moving to the States. Discover more of his beautiful work on his website.