Studio Skulptur's uplifting brand refresh for a sexual health startup for men

Berlin's Studio Skulptur has launched a fresh new identity for Regimen, a health startup focused on improving men's health, normalising self-care, and challenging the conversation around masculinity.

Tackling the sensitive issue of erectile dysfunction (ED) symptoms, Regimen exists because its founder Max Kersting had sexual health issues of his own. "A decade ago, I tried everything, including injections and surgery, to cure my ED. When nothing worked, I developed a holistic programme with the help of several experts, including Dr Wolf Beecken, a urologist and andrologist. Thanks to this new approach I managed to overcome my issues, so we created Regimen for anyone else on the same journey," he explains.

The startup briefed Berlin-based design agency, Studio Skulptur, to create a refreshed visual identity that would make its product not only "look good but also much easier for our clients to interact with," says Max. "We were looking for a cohesive appearance that establishes trust between Regimen and users of our programme from the very first encounter."

Rolling up their sleeves, the Studio Skulptur team, founded by Emma Skaaning, Madeleine Berg, and Lana Belton, honed in on the significance of Regimen and the expectations of its clients. “One of the first things that struck us working with Regimen is Max's story and his understanding of how painful it can be to navigate this area without the necessary help and guidance," says Emma Skaaning, partner at Studio Skulptur. "This personal journey puts us at eye level with the client, allowing us to lead by example and speak openly about our own experiences. This connection needed to be maintained by the brand."

The resulting brand overhaul is inclusive, welcoming, and "human" with the purpose of using personal storytelling, science, and tech to "improve intimate health". The graphic language uses bold shapes, arrows, and lines to convey progress. The brand colours of purples and greens are uplifting, empowering, and ownable. While brand copywriting gets straight to the point, 'Nurture your body' and 'Let's talk about down there'. Accompanying photography only adds to the positive feel throughout.

From brand purpose and positioning, copywriting and animation to social media, branded swag, product reskins and a new online presence, Studio Skulptur's new identity is currently being rolled out across all of Regimen's touchpoints and wider marketing materials.


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