Raquel Quevedo's Bling Bling takes 2D graphic design into the 3D realm

Barcelona-based graphic designer and art director Raquel Quevedo’s latest project marks a bright and beguiling departure from her usual commercial practise, taking things in a conceptual and fantastically kaleidoscopic new direction.

Entitled Bling Bling, the image-led publication presents a series of still life pieces that examine “how light interferes with materials, and how our perception varies depending on how light strikes them.” The designer explains that “the work mixes the 2D vision of my profession as a graphic designer” with the 3D aspects of her work as an art director. She says: “This series of photographs explores this step of going from the 2D to 3D by trying to "paint” with light.”

The works were created using a mixture of industrial materials and those found in everyday life, including aluminium, cellophane, ceramics, eco-resin, glass, gypsum, pigments, polyamide, polymers, polyesters, PVC, steel and stone.

Such fairytale-like series appear to live in their own little world; and until you see the process, it’s easy to assume they’re the product of digital wizard. However, to prove that this is far from the truth and also offering us some fascinating insights into the process, Quevedo has also shown the making-of images online here, and they’re brilliant.


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