Ragged Edge adds a dose of fun to the sharing economy with Whirli

Ragged Edge is the creative brains behind the identity for Whirli, a new toy subscription brand.

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of Ragged Edge

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of Ragged Edge

From strategy and naming through to identity and launch, the London-based branding agency worked with entrepreneur Nigel Phan to build the proposition for adults and children alike – a service centred around "swapping for toys instead of shopping for toys".

"Whirli is something completely new. And as with any new idea, there was an almost infinite number of hurdles to overcome, from the operational to the emotional. So I didn’t need a design agency, I needed a true partner who could help me bring this ambitious idea into the world," says Nigel. “ "Together with Ragged Edge, I believe we’ve created something genuinely unique, with the power to change how people think about toys."

Ragged Edge put this "sharing" right at the heart of the brand. The brand idea, "Share the joy", shaped every element of the project, from naming onwards. "We chose a playful moniker inspired by the word ‘whirligig’, reflecting the way Whirli toys go round and around. We then distilled the core proposition into four words – get play give repeat – and used them to inspire every part of our creative development," says Max Ottignon, Co-Founder of Ragged Edge.

From bright, bursting colours and character gifs to never-ending copy, the future of fun now has a bold and contemporary identity that aims to stand out from all other toy brands out there.


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