Outlandish outfits made from rubbish are inspired by dreams and fairytales

Venera Kazarova is an artist and designer, based in Moscow, Russia. In 2008, she graduated from Moscow State University of Design and Technology, and now creates dramatic clothing for theatre and contemporary dance performances.

In her work, Kazarova combines her love of paper and fabric, which she pairs with plastic utensils and polyethylene – plus any everyday items she can lay her hands on, to create unique wearable pieces. Her main sources of inspiration are the natural form, dreams and fairytales.

Recycling Into Art is a collaborative project based on making luxury items with simple things from everyday life. Kazarova explains: "We wanted to combine garbage with glamour. I achieved this using disposable utensils, foil, garbage bags, wrapping paper – all the stuff that people normally throw away immediately after use. It took me about a week to complete it. I made it especially for the photoshoot as it’s very fragile."

For more information on the project, visit www.behance.net/venerakazarova.

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Venera Kazarova


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