NorthSouth's identity for a new 'physically distanced' IPA celebrates post-lockdown drinking

40FT Brewery is a micro-brewery built from shipping containers in a repurposed car park in Dalston, East London. Launched in 2015 with just two 20 foot shipping containers, it has snowballed and today fills nearly eight times more space for brewing and a dedicated taproom.

Like many businesses, it had to shut its doors during the lockdown. But now it's back and to celebrate its reopening – while encouraging its customers to observe social distancing – the brewery has launched a new limited-edition IPA. NorthSouth was appointed to create its identity and packaging design.

Of course, the independent design studio, founded by Tom Robinson, played off the name of the brewery and used the current format of beer labels to highlight the UK Government's '6FT' social distancing guidelines. With our safety in mind, the palette draws inspiration from that black and yellow tape we might see, keeping us away from murder scenes or out of harm's way – a nice little touch for a beer brand that has always had a distance-themed identity at its core.

"It was a pleasure to work with Steve and the team at 40FT to help launch a new IPA and reopen their taproom," says Tom. "We intended to name and brand the beer to help enforce the rules while enjoying a pint in the sun; they have successfully sold out of their first batch and are already brewing more. We are so pleased to have played our part in helping them move forward safely."


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