MultiAdaptor gives Wunderkind a brand refresh to 'unleash the power of individuality'

Marketing technology startup Wunderkind has enjoyed its best year to date, after hitting annual revenues of $100 million and being named the fastest-growing software firm in the US.

But the company, formerly known as BounceX, had outgrown its name and identity and desperately needed a change. That's where MultiAdaptor stepped in, the London agency whose impressive client list includes the likes of Google, The Guardian, Design Museum, and YouTube.

What does Wunderkind do exactly? Techcrunch has a go at explaining it, but I'll attempt to give you an overview. It offers highly targeted marketing through web traffic. Interestingly, it's this personalised approach that formed the theme for the rebrand.

"Wunderkind enables brands to connect with people in more personalised ways. Its industry-leading marketing technology is measurably more effective too, and all without compromising customer privacy," explains MultiAdaptor, which wanted to pick up on Wunderland's mission to "unleash the power of individuality for better e-commerce experiences".

It has translated the idea of "individuality" into a vibrant and flexible identity, built from a diverse and eclectic cast of characters with vivid and expressive graphic patterns on their clothes and skin. It's these characters that form the underlying design system for the brand, and they also communicate the company values, client benefits, and consumer behaviours that Wunderkind can see and connect.

The playful illustration style is balanced with a rich new logo and the striking use of black and white. "Separated, scaled and rotated, the deconstructed letterforms of the logo can be used to create shapes that can be filled with combinations of pattern and flat colours from the wider brand palette," says the agency. And there's a customised version of type foundry Colophon's "sharp but quirky" typeface, Brick, that completes an overarching design language that feels fresh, fun and playful, but also premium and authoritative.

MultiAdaptor also worked closely with Wunderkind's in-house team to overhaul its website – from user experience, through to every message and motion behaviour, the identity was brought to life online.


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