Pentagram London brands 'hotel bar quality cocktails' in a can

Pentagram London's Harry Pearce and Naresh Ramchandani have created a brand identity for canned cocktail brand MOTH.

The idea behind the brand is to bring "hotel bar quality cocktails" to people as ready mixed cans, using high-quality ingredients sourced from independent trusted suppliers. The brand was established by "cocktail aficionados" Rob Wallis and Samuel Hunt, and the name is derived from an abbreviation of Mix of Total Happiness.

Pearce and Ramchandani's teams worked together to create the MOTH name, story, philosophy and identity. "Rejecting the snobbery that often surrounds premium drinks brands, MOTH embodies the concept of 'social alchemy'," says Pentagram. "Acting as a generous host, it encourages us to share one of life's most simple pleasures—connecting with each other through conversation and cocktails, without any fuss or formality."

The brand identity is used across on and offline applications, including social media campaigns, business cards, tote bags, and a double-circled MOTH bar mat.

The symbol at the heart of the identity is based around the fact that moths are often referred to as the 'butterflies of the night', and draws on the mysterious, often-misunderstood nature of them. When users scroll through the identity on screens, the identity’s geometric forms make it appear to be gently fluttering ("even before any cocktails have been consumed," Pentagram adds).

Bold but "sophisticated" colours are used to differentiate each cocktail, with variants including Old Fashioned, Margarita, Negroni and Espresso Martini.

The type is set in uppercase, using Polysans Slim by Gradient Type to complement the moth symbol and echo the brand's "refreshingly no-nonsense approach" and celebrate "the integrity of the ingredients," says Pentagram.

"What usually appears hidden in very small type on the back appears confidently on the front of the can. What at first glance looks like a straightforward list of ingredients also reveals an unexpected suggestion such as 'Talk Forever' or 'Dance'. The colon acts as a brief pause and creates a sense of expectation for the good things which follow.”

The brand language is deliberately playful to set MOTH apart from established drinks brands. The social media strategy involves creating 'Conversation Starters' that are shared, and playlists have been created to accompany each cocktail to "add to the sense of fun and feeling of connection surrounding the brand."

MOTH will be sold exclusively through Waitrose and Partners across the UK.


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