Matthieu Venot plays it Safer with geometric, candy-coloured abstract photographs

We've enjoyed the work of Matthieu Venot previously on Creative Boom. The French fine art photographer has a love of architectural details and abstract angles, picking out the interesting colours, patterns and shapes of his home country's buildings and infrastructure.

For his latest project, Safer, he focuses on pure geometrical abstraction. "It is the essence to return only to emotion in the face of abstraction," said Venot of the work. The project apparently took over a year to shoot and the images were captured all over France. He adds: "The name 'safer' is used because the photos and the colour do us good and allow us to escape to a better world."

As we continue to witness current global events, Venot's latest offering is certainly most welcome; a bright and colourful set of buildings, set against an appealing blue sky that can only make us smile. Discover more of his abstract work at

All images courtesy of Matthieu Venot


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