Manchester agency Music creates The British Cycling Awards identity

Manchester creative agency Music has revealed a brand new identity for the annual British Cycling Awards – a key calendar event for British cyclists, from national champions to domestic series winners, across all ages and disciplines. It recognises and celebrates the spirit of British cycle sport and those who compete and support it.

"For both British Cycling and for ourselves, it was important that the identity reflected a sense of ‘Britishness’, prestige and a celebratory ceremonious spirit in its execution," explains creative director, Oliver Wigglesworth.

The identity was brought to life through an eye-catching graphic of concentric circles, coloured in such a way that the graphic represented both the Union Jack and the movement and energy of a bicycle wheel. The graphic became the hero of the identity and was flexible enough to use used in fun and engaging ways throughout the event.

Oliver added: “It was such an honour to be able to work with British Cycling on an event as high profile as this. It was important for us from the get-go that the identity reflected the gravitas of this event. The outcome of the concentric circles, coloured in such a way, meant that we were able to represent both the British flag and cycling in one hero graphic. The fun part was in its execution – the use of animations, large hanging banners, invites and signage.”


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