London Falling: capturing dystopian and surreal cityscapes in the UK capital

All images courtesy of the artist. Via Creative Boom submission.

Dark, empty and void of any human activity – through his ongoing project, London Falling, Tamas Olajos has been capturing the city using a 28mm camera by immortalising abstract, dystopian and surreal cityscapes. The visual artist, who is originally from Budapest, likes to spot the side of the UK's capital that might be overlooked.

"My main focus is on the places and feelings that Londoners may know but haven’t noticed even if they pass by them every day. The project’s name reflects my connection with the city," he explains.

With over 10 years of experience in photography and video production, Tamas has worked for clients including Siemens, Ubisoft, Condé Nast, Pernod Ricard and Benetton. Now, he turns his attention to capturing an often unseen side of London. "Born and raised in a small Hungarian city, I’ve been curious about the world around me. Photojournalism became my profession soon after I got my first digital camera. I realised how I love the variety of fields in photography."

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