Creating an Instagrammable kebab shop brand aimed firmly at Gen-Z

For most Brits, a kebab isn't exactly an Insta-worthy delicacy: more a sloppy, half-forgotten booze sponge after a long night and before a few hours of anti-digestive regret.

However, that's not to say kebabs can't be swanky—hell, there are some very posh restaurants indeed dealing in the sheesh trade—and it also doesn't mean they can't be cool.

Hailing from Cluj-Napoca, a city in northwestern Romania, branding studio Benjamin Pop is more aware than most that kebabs can be very hip indeed.

It recently completed a rebrand of Calif, which is, apparently, “the first Kebab Boutique in Romania.” The studio created new designs for the restaurant, which had been around for eight years.

The designs looked to complement the restaurant’s recent menu update, which aims to appeal to Gen-Z kebab-lovers. “We knew that Gen-Zers want to connect and belong to brands that reflect their diverse personality as individuals, so the new concept would need to fuel their social presence and become a reason to snap photos, videos, or Boomerangs,” says the studio.

The new branding uses an approach inspired by a mixture of Pop Art and industrial styles, aiming for eminently 'grammable imagery, but also that which suggests that kebabs make for a great hangout at lunchtime, as well as late at night.


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