This revolving kebab is actually a life-sized birthday cake and a piece of art

At first glance, you'd easily think this revolving kebab is a greasy blob of meat. It is, in fact, a birthday cake, created by George McCallum.

The London-based creative works for the advertising agency, Don't Panic, but during his spare time, he loves to create bizarre cakes for family and friends. In this case, the "kebab cake" was for one of George's close friends – a self-confessed kebab enthusiast.

To create the bespoke cake, George spent three weeks designing and building the mechanism and kebab spinner casing complete with 250 LED lights, before finally crafting and decorating the marble cake that spins on it.

To create a truly realistic kebab effect both inside and out, the meaty-looking cake was a marbled combination of red velvet and victoria sponge. George even created custom garlic sauce and chilli sauce, homemade custard and raspberry sauce, respectively.

Every detail of this slightly gross masterpiece was designed to create the maximum effect, from the polystyrene takeaway boxes it was dished up in, to the method of cutting it off its revolving pedestal. "I love the idea that something can look so gross but taste alarmingly good. Making the cake was fun. But I think I went a bit OTT," says George.

"I've only just started making birthday cakes for friends and colleagues over the last few weeks, so it was a bit of a learning curve doing something that big," adds George. "I'm not a professional baker, it's just morphed into a hobby over the last few months, and now I've started all my friends want one. They keep getting more ridiculous every time. I want to figure out how to make one fly next."

Other recent cake masterpieces include a giant cigarette cake that actually smokes and a full English fry-up complete with sausage, beans, chips and bacon. Find out more at or follow George on Instagram.


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