Jose Manuel Vega turns Kanye West tweets into bold typographic posters

Barcelona-based brand and graphic designer Jose Manuel Vega has turned the wit and wisdom of Kanye West's tweets into a series of bold, black and white typographic posters. And through a clever mix of design and lettering, these posters channel the bombastic spirit of their inspiration.

Ah, Twitter. The popular social media site can be a useful resource for self-promotion as much as a phenomenal time drain. But one of the most interesting things about it is that even the biggest celebrities log in from time to time. And when you've got a creator as huge and outspoken as Kanye West sharing his thoughts in less than 280 characters, you know he's going to say something interesting.

It's the tweets of the rapper, record producer and fashion designer that inspired Jose Manuel Vega's latest project. In his new series of posters, he turns the wording of Kanye's tweets into clever graphics that capture the essence of the original message. Take, for example, 'love everyone', which sees the words blend into one another. When read horizontally and vertically, the two merge to convey the sentiment in a fresh, graphic way.

Then there's the slightly more in-your-face tweet 'fuck clout', only in this poster, the two words weave together to disguise their meaning. They're still readable, though, thanks to a smart use of colour choice, but the intricate weaving of the letter shapes render them almost illegible, which is a suitable way of expressing the idea through type design.

Part design, part poster, part concrete poetry, these images are a neat distillation of Jose's love for design and hip-hop culture. During his eight years as a graphic designer, he has specialised in visual identities and typography design, all of which come into play here.

"My style is bold and minimal, using bright and vivid colours and limited colour palettes," he tells Creative Boom. "My mantras are 'Simplicity is the latest sophistication' and 'Trend is always late'." These snappy ideas could almost be Kanye tweets themselves.

He adds: "These posters are a curated selection of some of the most inspirational tweets from Kanye West turned into posters as a typographic exercise. To keep them consistent, I used the same colour palette and the same typeface on every poster."

To see the full selection of posters, which have been given the suitably grand name of The 10 Commandments of Kanye West, head over to the project page on Jose's Behance profile. There's also a link to his store, where you can pick up physical copies of each poster.


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