Jewellery artist known as the 'Shapeshifter' to reveal his most innovative designs in the UK

This September, Wallace Chan, a jewellery maker known famously as the 'Shapeshifter', will be presenting his first solo show in the UK. The exhibition at London's Asia House will trace 45 years of his craft and feature 20 jewellery pieces using his latest groundbreaking innovation – a super-strength porcelain that is five times harder than steel – and 10 titanium sculptures.

All images courtesy of Asia House and Wallace Chan. Via Creative Boom submission.

All images courtesy of Asia House and Wallace Chan. Via Creative Boom submission.

Highlights include a two-metre sculpture, titled ​Lotus Children, of a blooming lotus flower made of titanium resting on a glass plinth. The flower’s pistil is citrine, surrounded by four rotating figurines of small children symbolise each season. A second sculpture, ​Memories, from Death to Life​, is a skull formed of titanium and The Wallace Chan Porcelain. The skull, while naturally reminiscent of death, is equally a celebration of life.

The show will also include an intricately designed series of jewellery, including brooches titled ​Garden of Dreams ​and ​Mind Puzzle, that beyond being beautiful objects are also an exploration of deep philosophical questions such as the origins of the universe.

The pieces incorporate a wide range of materials including titanium, The Wallace Chan Porcelain and are adorned with a multitude of gems and precious stones such as rubies, pearls, sapphires, opals, amethyst, topaz and lapis lazuli, among others.

"I always feel that I have a responsibility to innovate, whether through the invention of a new idea, technique, tool or material," says Chan. "My porcelain allows me to realise many new creations that defy the limits of wearable art, just as titanium did in the past decade. Perhaps, like titanium, it will serve to inspire others to explore the possibilities of jewellery creations and sculptural art."

Wallace Chan is a self-taught jewellery artist and innovator. His curiosity and thirst for knowledge have led to the creation of numerous innovations combining art, science and alchemy, including The Wallace Cut, an illusionary three-dimensional carving technique invented in 1987; the mastery of titanium; a patented jade technology; the invention of elaborate gemstone settings without metal claws; and most recently, The Wallace Chan Porcelain, a material five times stronger than steel. The exhibition will be accompanied by a public programme of events, including talks, guided tours and handling sessions, more details of which will be announced soon.

Shapeshifter: The Multiverse of Wallace Chan will be at Asia House in London from 14-17 September 2019.


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