Jean-Jacques Piezanowski's neo-expressionist paintings open the window to the soul

In his ongoing series, Autopsy of the Appearance, French artist Jean-Jacques Piezanowski's neo-expressionist portraits focus on uncovering the fragility of human life.

Answering questions such as, how does the human being deal with existential issues? and Where does his constant search for the absolute lead him? he uses oil, acrylic, ink, paper and even walnut stain – which is laminated and mounted on canvas, allowing a "greater degree of spontaneity".

"I am always in search of contemporary and visual forms of expressions of the human being and the soul, maintaining the unmistakable and exceptional beauty inside. Fractures and scars, traces of hardship, sadness, hopelessness, as well as wisdom and strength, are traces of life that make a person unique and distinctive," Jean-Jacques tells Creative Boom.

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