It's Playtime for the Cornerhouse in Manchester

Manchester studio Design by Day has created a playful and commemorative identity for Playtime, the final ever exhibition to be held at Manchester’s iconic Cornerhouse building before it merges with The Library Theatre Company and settles into his new home.

The exhibition sees nine artists present playful work inspired by the Cornerhouse building and Jaques Tati’s 1967 comedy film Playtime.

Using the exhibition title Playtime to form the main part of the identity, the word-mark is a structure that changes to suit different media or location and is made up of nine elements, that neatly relates to the nine artists in the exhibition.

The colour palette was inspired by the film; Playtime, and the supporting typeface adds a commemorative feel. The branding was rolled out across the gallery guide, posters, window vinyl, gallery vinyl, invites and flyers.


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