Isolation and peer pressure, in the form of 'living sculptures'

Well, here's an incredibly haunting short; when a row of faces – initially seeming like viscous, surreal takes on Mount Rushmore – soon descends into melt-movie like horror.

V, by digital artist, director and motion designer Olivier Caron, uses a strange merge of wax-like computer graphics and a haunting soundtrack by Otto Lindholm to narrate a brief but powerful story about what it means to be human and vulnerable.

"V is part of an ongoing series of living sculptures I’m making, exploring relationships between numbers and materials," Caron explains. "In this one, I try to convey the feeling of how devastating group pressure can be and to reflect the effect isolation could have on your self-esteem."

Caron is based in Paris. You can see more of his brilliant, surrealist-leaning and ultimately disquieting work over on his Instagram.


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