Illustrations by Vicki Ling that explore the feeling of insecurity brought on by modern catastrophes

Ever feel like you're hanging by a string? You're not alone. These soft and surreal illustrations by visual artist Vicki Ling take a closer look at our feelings when we're faced with the disasters and dilemmas of the modern world.

You know, things that seem to spontaneously erupt, from privacy invasions to public health issues (virus anyone?) and from climate change to personal emotional disorders. "I'm interested in surfacing that sense of tension and insecurity and raise these issues to our collection consciousness in this collection of work," Vicki tells Creative Boom. These are feelings many of us are experiencing today.

Currently based in Chicago, Vicki received her MFA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins in London in 2013. Her works have since been exhibited and published in New York City, Chicago, London, Berlin, and Shanghai, and she has worked with various clients for illustration projects.

Here, we share artworks from her Hanging by a String series and The Plastic Bloom, the latter being where Vicki proposes questions about "the reflections on consumerism and hedonism". These are delicate and beautiful drawings that articulate how many of us are feeling in the world right now. You can discover more of Vicki's work on Instagram.


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