Dream-like gouache paintings of bedrooms feature in an identity for a luxury pillow brand

A new identity by Glasfurd & Walker for a luxury pillow brand includes paintings by Milan-based illustrator Clara Rubin that represent imaginative bedroom spaces to inspire "deep rejuvenating sleep".

The inspiring work is for Henrie, a new brand that inspires people to "indulge" in restorative sleep by creating customisable pillows for everyone, so we can "wake up as the best version of ourselves". It appointed Vancouver-based design agency Glasfurd & Walker to create its identity and packaging and to help it stand out in a sleep category that can often look like it's in the tech space. "Fresh, unexpected, and luxurious" is how the studio describes its visual language, which centres around an elegant wordmark, calming photography and paintings representing "dream-like views" of the bedroom.

Glasfurd & Walker commissioned Milan-based artist and illustrator Clara Rubin to depict three imaginative bedroom spaces in vivid colours and interesting scapes. One overlooks some mountains at sunset, another is by the sea, and a third gives us a view of an Italian village. All are typical of Clara's style, who works mainly with gouache on paper and is inspired by her childhood. As she explains in an earlier interview with Creative Boom: "Being Italian, I like to bring my influence, background and heritage to each piece of work alongside my emotions. I feel most inspired when a subject is close to me, and I have a connection and bond. Places like where I used to visit in my childhood hold fond memories for me and inspire my work."

There are hints of Paula Lawrie, Dike Blair, Lois Dodd and David Hockney, given the vibrant colours Clara uses in these illustrations. These hues are woven throughout the identity's colour palette and all brand touchpoints, including a beautiful shipping box that reveals the custom artwork.

For the accompanying photography, Glasfurd & Walker art-directed photographer Ian Lanterman. He shot a series of images to showcase the Henrie pillow in various moments of luxury and comfort. These photographs feature throughout the packaging, via Henrie's website and broader marketing lateral.

Finally, each pillow comes packaged in a custom-designed dust bag to store any excess pillow filling. With custom lilac piping, woven labels, and pretty packaging, Henrie's pillow feels modern and dreamy – nothing like anything we've yet seen on the market.


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