The Click creates dynamic designs for art and culture celebration, Head East

Norwich-based agency The Click has created the designs for Head East, a new flagship brand promoting the East of England.

The inaugural campaign that marks Head East's launch celebrates arts, culture and heritage, and is based around a series of specific cultural initiatives showcasing some of the region's most impressive attractions.

According to The Click, Tourism alone is worth £10 billion per year to the East of England. "This brand-led campaign specifically aims to promote and build a national profile of the East as a must see' UK cultural destination," the agency explains.

The designs were inspired by the fact that Norfolk and Suffolk are "set out on a geographical limb," and so pretty much all visitors to the area have to head eastward if they want to explore the East of England.

The Click came up with the name Head East to be "short, memorable and assertive" and more than just a brand name: it aimed to be a "compelling call to action".

The designs are deliberately both bold and functional, incorporating the symbolism of traditional way-finding with a signpost-like graphic device that can be used in different configurations and colours across various applications. A vibrant colour palette of yellow, purple, orange, peach, dark green and black can be dialled up or dialled down depending on the communications.

The brand mark was designed to be modular and flexible to work as a window for photographic imagery, attention-grabbing copy and key calls to action.

The Click also created a comprehensive brand guidelines document to enable the Head East marketing team with easy-to-use and practical design assets to create further brand communications in-house.

The designs are used across everything from posters, lanyards, badgers and other merch to online ads and social media assets.


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