Hand-lettered illustrations reflect distinct personalities of London Underground lines

As any Londoner will know, each of the tube lines on the London Underground has its own, unique personality. In my opinion, the Central line, for example, is bolshy. The Circle line is slightly worn and unadventurous. And the Victoria line is regal and graceful.

On 10 January 2018, the London Underground celebrated its 155th birthday. To celebrate, this project entitled Lettering The Underground – a series of 13 hand lettering illustrations that visually depict the rich character of the 13 historic London Underground tube lines – was designed by talented illustrator Nathan Evans.

He explains: "When you’re exploring a new city, your eyes are always drawn to the unique things that locals consider banal and every day. These interesting details are camouflaged to the familiar eyes that glide past them daily, but to you they stand out like beacons, illuminating the hidden character of a new place.

"That was my experience when I first moved to London. I’d heard the horror stories about the tube, how it could test the calmest persons' patience and how the best way to navigate through the labyrinth was with great haste. However, I soon realised that if you adjust your tempo, slow things down a little and open your eyes, there’s beauty to be found under ground.

"Typography, colours, patterns and textures all combine to create the rich tapestry of the London Underground. These hidden-in-plain-sight details inspired me to produce my most ambitious lettering project to date.

"The Lettering The Underground research was a journey in itself and a big part of the creative process. I spent days exploring the tube, travelling each line, collecting inspiration along the way. I studied the collection in the studio, cherry-picked certain elements, applied my own illustrative style and created a lettering series highlighting the beautiful characteristics of the Underground. Lettering The Underground is an exploration, a celebration and most importantly a journey." Discover more at n-evans.com.


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